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Arredo Classic

Arredoclassic is a young Italian company founded in 1998 in Pesaro in the Marche region. She specializes in making furniture. From the very beginning, the company has demonstrated an interest in the international market, believing in their strength and participating in industry trade shows - from Milan to Paris, from the United States to Dubai and Singapore. Thus, Arredoclassic showed ambition and strong character, breaking into the international market and becoming the embodiment of the brand "Made in Italy". This philosophy can be clearly seen in both Arredoclassic collections and individual pieces of furniture. The quality of the brand's products has been tested by time, as it adheres to the main traditions in the furniture manufacturing industry, working with masters who have created interiors for decades to suit every taste. All this is clearly visible in every detail of the furniture product, in classic, elegant and unique items. Arredoclassic reveals the nature of the living space, based on the wishes of each client. The brand's products transform bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms, filling them with an atmosphere of elegance and comfort. Since its inception, the Arredoclassic brand has sought to enter the international market, opening showrooms and offices around the world, while expanding the production chain throughout Italy-from the coast to the mountain regions of Pesaro. This perseverance allowed him to firmly strengthen his position in the market.

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