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Rogaška is a world recognized luxury brand of high quality lead crystal stemware, barware, and art pieces. Brands glassworks draws its rich knowledge from almost 350 years of tradition from the local area where the so-called forest glass huts were found. As a brand it started operating in 1927 and was extremely successful. Rogaška produces two types of glass: lead crystal glass, which is later sold as polished or cut glass, and crystalline glass, which is sold in painted, polished or cut form. Brand try to balance between functionality and aesthetics and offers a wide range of elegant designer Rogaška crystal ware, including beautiful glasses, carafes and vases. Products are created from a special mixture of quartz sand, calcinated soda, red lead, ash and calcite or limestone. Glasscutters use traditional cutting wheels of different degrees of fineness. Since 1972, diamond-cutting wheels have also been used. After all they polish the product, making it so clear as to refract light causing iridescent sparkles. All Rogaška crystal items are still handmade designed, developed and manufactured in Slovenia.

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