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About project


About the Project

Bayil Bay is a multifunctional 17-storey residential building with a total area of 34,000,200 m².

The building and all architectural solutions in the Project, including a number of apartments, were designed by the eminent Italian architect and designer Mauro Lipporini, founder of the "natural minimalism" style.

When designing the Bayil Bay Project, Lipparini attempted to take into account everything that makes a luxury residential building cozy and desirable.

Currently, the sale of fully completed suites with built-in furniture is a global practice. Although the real estate market is young for the time being, it nevertheless shows a tendency toward change. Our clients are people with high incomes and an active position in life. They are successful, positive, and ambitious. But, for all that, there is a flaw they face more than too often, and it is a lack of time. The Project's suites are sold in a fully completed state with built-in furniture, including ready-made walk-in closets, cabinets, kitchen and sanitary conveniences. Each design is patented.

Three leading Italian architects and designers—Mauro Lipparini, Massimo Iosa Ghini and Michele Marcon—combined their efforts to create this absolutely novel and unique exclusive product.

The building's structural parts include cast-in-place, reinforced concrete columns, crossbeams, floor slabs and cast-in-place, reinforced walls, which serve as stiffening cores.

Vertical Forest

Bayıl Bay is an oasis, a greenfield site that gives our constantly changing and developing city an extra charm.

The concept of Vertical Forest is not about reinforced concrete buildings decorated with ornamental flowerpots. It means a real forest made of different plant species, where the plants are arranged according to their wind resistance and with preference given to sunlight and humidity considerations. It is a truly astonishing structure that will change its appearance with the season. All plants, as well as their locations within the building's boundaries, have been selected with the utmost care. The flowers of spring, the green of summer and the wilt of autumn will create unique, dynamically changing scenery.

In effect, the building will constitute a closed ecosystem, which should significantly improve the ecological situation in the city as a whole. The greenfield site's advantages are not limited to aesthetic and ecological aspects.

The building is not just a statuesque and beautiful residential structure; it is also an architectural element that creates a healthy micro-climate for each of its inhabitants, significantly enhancing the

ecology of our city. It fulfills the following beneficial functions: reproduction of oxygen, removal of dust and other contamination from the city air, natural regulation of indoor lighting and humidity, reduction of the wind force and minimization of background radiation.


Ventilated facade (a special cladding technology where the facade material isn’t attached directly to the walls, but to a special frame construction) consisting of thermal insulation, as well as waterproof and windproof film.

The facade is lined using high-quality Ariostea porcelain stoneware slabs.

The Ariostea plant is specialized on the manufacture of high-quality premium porcelain stoneware, which is an exact imitation of natural marble, various types of limestone, natural stone and natural wood.

The Ariostea brand offers exclusively high-quality products distinguished by an exceptional aesthetic appearance. Porcelain stoneware is a safe and environmentally benign material. Tiles made of porcelain stoneware are heavy-duty, with high wear resistance, as well as being frostproof and resistant to the action of aggressive chemicals (which is an especially important feature for facing plates).

imitation composite wood panels ALPOLICTM aluminum / MITSUBISHI POLYESTER FILM GmbH

SCHUCO profile systems

Also, the SCHUCO profile systems are used to make exterior facade frames. These profiles exemplify an organic combination of excellent design with high-quality and innovative technologies.

SCHUCO profiles keep the heat within, which plays an important role in the light of modern tendency toward energy saving.

According to test results, the company's profile systems fall into the first group of frame materials (DIN4108), which is a guarantee of excellent thermal insulation.

Guardian glasses - a perfect architectural solution.

Guardian Glass products are well known for their functionality, quality and aesthetic appeal.

An ideal choice for glazing the buildings, Guardian’s glasses embody modern ideas in engineering and design practice. They are distinguished by optimal performance in parameters such as sunlight protection and thermal insulation. This is a perfect solution for all-season applications, designed to reduce energy costs associated with interior heating or cooling.

Guardian glasses undergo lamination and tempering processes to enhance their noise insulation and crashworthiness, and to ensure their conformity with most strict construction norms and regulations.

The side facades of the building are lined with multi-layered facade glass. This is aesthetically attractive, while combining its functionalities from heat preservation and sunlight protection to safety and reliability.

The building's design concept organically integrates profile systems and the ideal choices for facade glazing elements, super-thin profiles and right types of glasses.


The first basement floor houses an underground garage with parking spaces exclusively assigned to the residents of the building. Also located on that floor are a specialized car wash station, an electric car charging area and a technical room.

1st, 2nd and 3rd floors are designated as commercial spaces.

The main entrance for residents is located at the 3rd floor level from the direction of the Bayil settlement.

The 4th floor houses an haute cuisine restaurant with luxurious terraces offering a magnificent view of Baku Bay.

5th floor is comprised of a Residential Club that includes the following areas and services:

Children's playground, athletic field and entertainment areas for the following age groups:

1-to-5, 5-to-10 and 10-to-16.

1. Race tracks

2. Mini basketball court

3. Climbing wall

4. Play-ground (ZOOM style)

5. Several sanitary convenience rooms

The Athletic Club is comprised of the following areas:

1. Reception for the Residential Club

2. Pilates, yoga studios and classes

3. Two massage rooms, each equipped with sanitary conveniences and shower rooms

4. Fitness studio equipped with professional cardiovascular and weight machines

5. Two changing rooms for women and men equipped with lockers, sanitary conveniences, and shower rooms

6. Oriental bath (hammam) and sweat bath

7. Rest area (relaxation)

8. "Sport" - vitamin bar

9. Beauty saloon/beauty care area

Engineering infrastructure

Engineering infrastructure includes power supply equipment and a transformer station, HVAC, water supply and sewage system, a boiler room, chiller and pump station.


tel.: (+994 50)4090400
tel.: (+994 12)4090400
5 Gurban Abbasov str.
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Mauro Lipparini is an active Professor at the University of Florence and a master of modern architecture. A real Italian Pro is subject to a variety of genres and scales


"When you work in a minimalist style, the main thing is the quality of the material, the clarity of lines and the purity of forms," says Michele Marcon.


The architect of the Ferrari Museum Gini is the author of corporate style for many famous Italian brands. It builds Alitalia Lounges, offices and stores of Esselunga, Superlega, Infostrada and others.