Agriculture and Production




Living in Azerbaijan, we have always been proud of our land and its capabilities. The different climatic
zones, the fertile lands and the wealth of natural resources have inspired the country and ITALDIZAIN to
prioritize in Production and Agriculture for the next decade.
In the agriculture sector, our aim is to develop the agrarian sector of the country by taking relevant
measures in order to increase the production of grain plants, pomegranate and almond as well as to
create farms that will help to decrease the country’s import of meat and poultry products while
increasing exports to the nearby regions.
In the production sector, our aim is to fulfil the local needs for chemicals and cleaning detergents used
in Oil and Gas, HORECA, City Management, Transportation and other large private and public organizations.

Our current production facilities are also capable of exporting the products into the foreign markets.
Competent management of experienced staff of professionals specializing in farming and growing,
strong modern technical base, and the introduction of the advanced world technologies became a
pledge of great success, achieved by the company in a short period of time.

The total acreage of agro project comprises 7000 ha of virgin land. It consists of livestock farms,
pomegranates and almond orchards, field crops of cotton, sunflower, corn, barley, wheat, soybean, and
the greenhouses. The company is implementing advanced field drainage systems and high-end
agricultural machinery that gives us opportunity to grow ecoproducts using fewer chemicals.