Massimo Iosa Ghini

The architect of the Ferrari Museum Gini is the author of corporate style for many famous Italian brands. It builds Alitalia Lounges, offices and stores of Esselunga, Superlega, Infostrada and others. Gini's name is strongly associated with the Ferrari brand: the architect designed the brand's Museum in Maranello, the flagship store at the factory in Serravalle Scrivia, and the brand's boutiques around the world, including the Milan flagship, which is visited by thousands of people every day.
Winner of the international awards Good Design Award, Roscoe Award, IAI Green Design Award, Marconi Award, iF Product Design, Red Dot Award.

Current Professor at La Sapienza University (Rome), University of Ferrara and Hong Kong Technical University.

Massimo is a brilliant designer and architect of modern times, he is the founder of the avant – garde bolidism movement and a member of the Memphis group. he successfully works for such famous brands as Snaidero, Bonaldo, Cassina, Flou, La Murrina, etc.

Outstanding architect and designer Massimo yosa Gini (Italy) - one of the partners and authors of the interior of apartments in Bayil Bay.