Graff treasury

19 August 2019 18:52

This precious item delicately decorating an ear of a woman has never been a subject of such creative inspiration before. What can emphasize the bright set of features better than smartly selected devastating earrings with flame brilliants shimmering in the light?
"Beautiful earrings immediately attract all eyes like woman's eyes. They illuminate a face and make it sparkle," says Anna Eva Jeffrey, Design Director of Graff, sitting in her London atelier perfused with radiance, the walls of which are decorated with gouache. She is surrounded by precious stones which are going to be converted into another Graff treasure.
The inspiration for designing some of the items by Laurence Graff was a leading art collection of Cy Twombly, performed in the style of modern art. Sophisticated works of the artist have been revived in the eternal swirl of brilliants and rubies of baguette cut, delicately reflecting calligraphic style of the artist.
By combining a stunning design and technical skills, Graff creates unique pieces of jewelry, each of which astonishes with its beauty. Sparkling drops and sensational multi-layered bands, bright colors and unusual shapes - stunning design varieties have never been so attractive before.