The beauty of nature in Villeroy & Boch dishware

28 February 2019 22:10

By introducing the collection Amazonia Anmut, Villeroy & Boch is supplemented by charm and inspired by Alexander Fon Humbolt, a popular Amazonia décor with classic round shapes. Discover new opportunities for yourself. Create new and unique scenarios for your table. When you introduce your meals to people, they will also enjoy more realistic beauty of colors and shapes – exciting, exotic, and modern.
Completely new gift ideas – for those who value designer items and extravagant souvenirs.
Each piece of Amazonia is a bright decorative accent and wonderful gift idea. The shapes create an exotic atmosphere, but the effect is the most impressive, as if decorations come up from plates: to present someone a leaf-shaped plate or some exotic fruits, or put into a teapot twigs with buttons.
Real beauty of nature – decorative element inspired by the naturalist Alexander Fon Humbolt.
The collection Amazonia Anmut is a breath-taking journey to the real beauty of nature. Its bright decoration was inspired by Alexander Fon Humbolt. This naturalist and traveler described the richness and diversity of rainforests at the end of the 18th century. Even today, his fervent paint works astonish people with their reality.
Rich shapes supplementing each other – natural with round or angular lines.
By combining the round shapes of Amazonia Anmut and distinct lines of plates and leaf-shaped dishes, you will add new ideas to your decoration. To supplement a real game of shapes, you may use the series Modern Grace and Anmut, gold-coated Ella dishware which matches Amazonia accessories.