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  • Pendant, Diamond kiss

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  • Pendant, Butterfly Pave

  • Bracelet, Diamond kiss

Boutique Graff

The GRAFF boutique represents the British jewelry brand that has won worldwide recognition for its precious stones with exceptional natural properties. The boutique offers luxury jewelry, as well as watches known for their unique style and high quality.


2B, 28 May str., Baku
tel.: 0124982128
mob.: +994512019299
Should you wish to make an enquiry about a particular piece or book an appointment please contact the boutique directly on numbers noted above.
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Monday - Saturday, 10:30 - 19:30



For more than a half century, Graff has been at the peak of the jewelry industry by discovering and processing perfect and rare brilliants and transforming hidden miracles of soil into precious items which fascinate hearts and excite the soul.


Working at the top of the luxury jewelry industry for over 50 years, Graff is known for creating the most incredible jewelry in the world.


This precious item delicately decorating an ear of a woman has never been a subject of such creative inspiration before. What can emphasize the bright set of features better than smartly selected devastating earrings with flame brilliants shimmering in the light?