1926: René Lalique, at the pinnacle of his career, imagines the Tourbillons vase. Inspired by movement of the fern blossom, a recurring theme in René Lalique’s work, its abstract design allows for the utmost freedom of interpretation. Graphic and poetic, its curves stunningly follow the rhythm of light, drawing the eye into whirls of crystal and light. In the spirit of René Lalique who often used patinas on his works, Lalique has developed a new blue patina, vibrant and mesmerizing. In limited editions of 288 pieces, the Tourbillons vases and bowl are highlighted with this hand-applied patina. The blue colour of the sky and water is a symbol for infinity, serenity and peace; an invitation to dream and escape. Lalique gives a fresh insight into iconic creations such as the famous Tourbillons vase designed by René Lalique and today transfigured through new sizes, shapes and functionalities in clear crystal, sometimes highlighted with black enamel or accented with a vibrant blue patina.