Yves delorme


An adagio is an indication of movement from lento (slow) to andante (at walking pace). It is a relatively slow tempo. Design Inspiration This collection creates a bridge between Yves Delorme and Yves Delorme Couture. Between weaving and industrialization. This collection can hide another, cross threads and pick up the rhythm of weaving. The threads are free to create multiple interpretations to suit your wishes. Tone-on-tone set with double saddle-stitching embroidered and hand-guided in the YD studio in Haubourdin, Hauts-de-France. The Adagio collection signed Yves Delorme Couture may be customized to any tailor-made size for an additional charge through our Boutiques.

Available colors

  • Yves delorme 967760 Bed Set
    Bed Set


    Cotton sateen

  • Yves delorme 925266 Pillow Case
    Pillow Case


    Cotton sateen