Bernardaud is one of the oldest and most famous manufacturers of elite and luxurious porcelain worldwide. The brand has its own formula. Porcelain ingredients include porcelain clay or white clay, quartz, and felspar. The former was named Limoges porcelain as it is extracted in Limoges, France. Porcelain clay makes the item more solid and it looks perfectly white, while quartz gives the piece a glossy look and transparency.
Bernardaud porcelain can be found in the most glamorous and modern restaurants and hotels around the globe. Ritz, Carlton, Four Seasons hotels as well as one of the most famous bohemian and modern establishments in Paris Hotel Costes are among the brand’s clients. For more than 50 years Bernardaud has been inviting skillful artists for collaboration.
Talent and enthusiasm combined with clear vision and collective creativity give birth to new porcelain shapes. To mention some, Kees van Dongen, Bernard Buffet, Cesar and Roy Lichtenstein, and Raymond Loewy were the artists and designers who collaborated with the brand and contributed immensely to the history of porcelain production.