HAVILAND brand was founded by an American named David Haviland, who established a company in the USA in 1838 initially occupied with tableware import. The moment he touched Limoges porcelain for the first time in his life, he was impressed with both the quality and beauty of this material. This encouraged him to start his own production in Limoges, and soon enough his products gained great popularity. HAVILAND still develops in porcelain production; they constantly improve their techniques in order to create unique, unrivaled shapes and designs. Fine engraving during porcelain painting, fancy shapes, new colors and shades like pale green, lavender, sky-blue, and ivory white make the brand’s items true works of art. The secret of HAVILAND’s incredible success is in exceptional forms and designs created by outstanding designers and painters. The combination of ultramodern production and traditional painting methods using precious metals and minerals turns HAVILAND items into masterpieces, which makes them attractive for museum and private collections owners. No one will ever refuse to lay their tables with such exquisite thin porcelain decorated with tender flowers, mysterious animalistic themes, elegant art-décor patterns, Japanese ornaments, and episodes of Parisian life.



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