BrandStephen webster

London-based brand Stephen Webster is the king in the world of fine jewelry, while Stephen Webster himself is the best British jeweler and designer. He started as a master in 1982 at De Beers and only 6 years later he managed to found his own company. Stephen Webster’s professional signature is easy to recognize, as he uses his unique Crystal Haze technology. Every collection contains products with these renowned details like filigree casting, fish bones, and rock-n-roll symbols. Yet each of these collections displays individual character, creativity, and even hints of humor. Moreover, every presentation made by the brand is a spectacular show which attracts the attention of all the fashion magazines and journalists. In spite of Stephen Webster’s popularity around the globe, the brand doesn’t create collections very often. Maybe this helps the master create unbelievably unique and daring pieces which become a part of the top celebrities’ collections in no time. Most details and elements of the future works of art are hand-worked, so each piece is one of a kind and really precious.



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