"Italian family brand Greggio was founded by Rino Greggio in the middle of the XX century. Since 1948, it has been one of the leading silverware manufacturers in European market. Their items are particularly popular among the most demanding clients and luxurious public establishment owners because silver tableware has always been a symbol of superior status and exquisite taste. Greggio offers a very wide choice of items including silver-plated cutlery, flatware, and accessories for table made of nickel, brass, and stainless steel. The variety of sugar bowls, spoons, candelabrums, flutes, spices racks, milk jugs, plates, glasses, sieves, cognac sets, trays, ice buckets, coffeepots, jugs, bottle holders, vases, and butter dishes will definitely win over the hearts of the most sophisticated experts. High quality, gorgeous design, and refined details make each Greggio piece very special. It’s no wonder the brand gained outstanding popularity and boosted demand for their products almost worldwide."