In 2005 Valerie Messika, the daughter of a well-known diamond merchant created the Messika Jewelry House in Paris,. The most important values ​​and secrets of the craft were inherited from the father to the daughter: how to refine stones, how to push the boundaries, how to continuously strive for excellence. In 2012, Valerie made her debut with the High Jewelry collection consisting of 50 jewelries. Valerie gave solo parts to the portable Silk necklace, chokers with spikes and solitaires with pink and yellow diamonds. The method “Skinny” became the author mark of Valerie Messika. Thanks to this method, Messika jewelry fits perfectly and as if sticks to the body. It's all about a thin spring inside the gold frame - so a necklace or bracelet bends as you like and does not require fasteners. In choosing materials, Messika strictly follows the jewelry austerity: she prefers gold and diamonds of various colors - from pink to cognac and black. Today, jewelry collections of the brand Messika embody an endless celebration of joy and love; they are designed for women with refined taste who appreciate jewelry items. The Messika jewelry is an unrivaled tribute to female beauty.