CollectionMove uno

Give in to temptation with the Move Uno women’s jewelry collection, the perfect new addition to your jewelry box. Designed by Valérie Messika, this luxury jewelry collection features the Maison’s signature design: a discreet gold cage housing a single moving diamond. Women’s diamond jewelry combining chic style and modernity in timeless pieces that become your ideal everyday companion. Diamond rings, chain bracelets, diamond ankle bracelets, diamond pendants or double necklaces, discover our Move Uno diamond jewelry and find the piece made just for you! However you wear it, prepare to be bold! By stacking diamond rings, several necklaces of different lengths or diamond bracelets of different widths, each Messika customer is free to create their ideal combination to feel unique or express how they’re feeling day to day. A libertarian mindset deeply rooted in Messika’s DNA since the beginning, which has today become a fundamental trend in the world of luxury jewelry. Rediscover all the diamond Jewelry and High Jewelry collections from Messika, unique and modern creations to find in our Messika boutiques. Every single Messika boutique is designed to be a precious setting reinforcing the codes and DNA of Messika. A space where everything is designed to take you on a new journey through our diamond jewelry collections.