"Wedgwood - is a fine china, porcelain, and luxury accessories manufacturer that was founded on 1 May 1759 by the English potter and entrepreneur Josiah Wedgwood. It was rapidly successful and was soon one of the largest manufacturers of Staffordshire pottery, ""a firm that has done more to spread the knowledge and enhance the reputation of British ceramic art than any other manufacturer"" exporting across Europe as far as Russia, and to the America. It was especially successful at producing fine earthenware and stoneware that were accepted as equivalent in quality to porcelain. Wedgwood is especially associated with the ""dry-bodied"" (unglazed) stoneware - Jasperware in contrasting colors, and particular in ""Wedgwood blue"" and white, always much the most popular colors, though there are several others. Jasperware has been made continuously by the firm since 1775, and also much imitated. The main Wedgwood motifs in jasperware, and the other dry-bodied stoneware, were decorative designs that were highly influenced by the ancient cultures being studied and rediscovered at that time, especially as Great Britain was expanding its empire. Many motifs were taken from ancient mythologies: Roman, Greek and Egyptian."