BrandRobbe berking

Robbe & Berking brand history dates back to 1874. From the birth of the company to present days, their cutlery has not only been used at dinners, but they are true works of art. Simple design and high standards are priorities for the company, and this has been strictly followed for many years. The brand’s experts avoid mass manufacturing. They produce fewer items but of excellent quality, paying special attention to details. Robbe & Berking uses only high-quality silver during production, and every piece of cutlery is made of sterling silver known for its quality and impeccable reputation worldwide. Robbe & Berking assortment includes about 500 pieces of cutlery. One of the peculiar features of the brand is producing fanciful items like lobster or oyster forks, for instance. Their product is mainly oriented toward true gourmets. The quality of the products is undoubtedly excellent, as well as the design. Robbe & Berking silver cutlery is exhibited at various museums throughout Europe. They really make a distinguishable difference in comparison to other silver works of art. Popular international hotels and restaurants are listed among the brand’s clients. Tables in the castle of King of Jordan, Kremlin, and the Federal Chancellery in Berlin are laid with this brand’s cutlery during solemn receptions.



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