CollectionMove romane

With the Move Romane jewelry collection, Valérie Messika continues her search for the essential line. The moving diamonds, the Maison’s leading signature, seem to float, held by a skilfully balanced double structure, with a ribbon of gold on one side and a line of diamonds on the other. An ideal combination of materials and play of light. The Move Romane diamond jewelry collection blends minimalist and structural allure and is designed for women in search of perfection. Quintessential of the Maison’s style, Valérie Messika chose to name this jewelry collection, one of her favourites, after her daughter. Much more than just jewelry, the Move Romane diamond jewelry pieces are lightweight and precious. The perfect luxury gift for those looking for iconic and sophisticated women’s jewelry. Three diamonds, a golden cage, endless possibilities... with the Move women’s diamond jewelry, Messika found her style and forged this reputation for modern jewelry and high jewelry. The now iconic design plays with opposites: simultaneously ultra-modern and classic, easy to wear yet also a fashion statement, casual and chic, minimalist and refined, romantic and rock’n’roll... and the gamble paid off: the Move gold and diamond jewelry collection has gone down in jewelry history as an essential icon. Over the years, it has been transformed into a creative playground for Valérie Messika. Diamond or long necklaces, chain or bangle bracelets, earrings, fine diamond rings, the designer has fun with her favourite design and the collection is enriched a little more each year.