The Joy jewelry collection aims to magnify the queen of the stones by raising it up further. Lightness, brilliance and sophistication, exceptional stones, in round or pear cuts, combined with understated and refined lines, bring elegance and timelessness to this women’s diamond jewelry. We love the delicate entourage set with brilliant-cut diamonds elevating the central diamond. The purity of its perfect lines is irresistible, perfect for accompanying you in the most symbolic moments of your life. A wedding gift, celebration of a birth or any other occasion to mark as a milestone, there are so many events in which the diamond jewelry from the Joy collection would play a beautiful part. The diamond is Valérie Messika’s playground. In order to create the diamond jewelry she designs, she develops particular techniques: The Skinny, a design rendering the diamonds elastic and flexible, was developed in the Messika atelier. Likewise, Move, with its moving diamonds, became a signature of the Jewelry Maison. The gold is discreet, leaving the most beautiful part to the diamond which moves with the body. Driven by a desire for fashionable luxury jewelry and uninhibited diamonds, she transformed this meaningful and symbolic accessory into an ultra-desirable and disruptive piece, which brings extra reassurance to anyone who wears it. To succeed, she never stopped innovating and brought a breath of fresh air and freedom to the jewelry industry. Messika diamond jewelry is full of character, imbued with femininity and modernity.