It all began with a desire for light. To magnify the smallest diamonds with flawless settings, enhancing shine with a subtle play of light. From this desire, the Gatsby jewelry collection is born. You are going to adore these diamond jewelry pieces, contemporary reinterpretations of the aspirations of women in the 1920s: freedom, comfort, movement. A line of geometric diamonds with a stylised motif, the Gatsby diamond jewelry is easy to pair with all your outfits, from the most formal to the most casual. Discover a diamond jewelry collection whose chic refinement and elegance will become your closest ally. However you wear it, prepare to be bold! By stacking diamond rings, several necklaces of different lengths or diamond bracelets of different widths, each Messika customer is free to create their ideal combination to feel unique or express how they’re feeling day to day. A libertarian mindset deeply rooted in Messika’s DNA since the beginning, which has today become a fundamental trend in the world of luxury jewelry. Do you love your diamond Messika jewelry and do you wear it every day? The things we do daily can sometimes fade the shine of our diamonds. Since every piece of diamond jewelry is precious, they all deserve to be treated with care to preserve their shine. The Messika Jewelry and High Jewelry Maison reveals their simple and easy-to-follow advice for maintaining and cleaning your luxury jewelry and bringing back its initial shine.