CollectionMille nuits

For almost 30 years, Mathias — who is also known for his poetic and charmingly impulsive persona and smart looks — has been creating successful collections that combine a mastery and understanding of aesthetics and rich imagination. Mathias, who had spent his childhood in Syria and Turkey, designed Mille Nuits inspired by tales of a universe filled with peculiar magic. This early influence is seen in lighting designs that evoke a legendary atmosphere of the ancient tales of the Arabian Nights and middle eastern mystery and beauty. These influences combined with modern lines and a geometrical crystal cut, results in the timeless aesthetics of Mille Nuits pieces, fitting in classic interiors as well as contemporary settings. The Mille Nuits collection is characterized by the beveled-cut of the crystal, perfect to create a play of light and shadows and magnifies the use of crystal. The timeless silhouettes of the pieces are enhanced by the refinement of this decor, for an elegant effect. With easy matching aesthetics, Mille Nuits pieces can also fit in diverse existing settings.