It is considered that Christofle was founded in 1830 when Charles Christofle got his patent for silver jewelry manufacturing. For about 170 years Christofle has been developing so-called art de la table (art of tableware) to perfection following the founder’s motto “the best or nothing”.
Traditionally Christofle clients were royal persons in France like King Louis-Phillip and Napoleon III. Thanks to this the brand acquired the status of official royal supplier. One of the most unusual orders was the one made by Indian Maharaja in 1882. He wanted to have a silver incrusted bed featuring four full length women bodies as if waffing the lying governor with fans.
Christofle items are covered only with 925 sterling silver using advanced technologies. The sputter is 80 microns which is maximum possible nowadays. This ensures the tableware will serve for more than 60 years.
Christofle alloy is patented and includes 3 materials: copper, nickel, and zinc. Nowadays minimalism is really popular and enters each sphere of our lives. Yet Christofle doesn’t want to make table setting art simple and dull, it still designs and produces the same tableware as it used to do in the XIX century.