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Maria - since 1916, this name has stood for one of the most popular and successful Rosenthal porcelain services. For generations, it has been the porcelain for weddings and other festive occasions: stylish and timeless. Its elegant charm lies above all in its classicist form and the balance of classical and romantic stylistic elements - such as the delicate pomegranate relief. A silver tea service from around 1815 was the model for “Maria“. The company's founder, Privy Councillor Philipp Rosenthal senior, had acquired it on a trip to England. The service was named after Philipp Rosenthal's wife Maria. The classicist, polygonal basic form is framed by a delicate, finely curved pomegranate relief that picks up on Biedermeier design elements. It is the rectangular handles and the angular surfaces with their play of light and shadow that give this form its unmistakable character. Even in the 1920s and 1930s, “Maria“ was a widely expanded service with around 170 different individual pieces. Even today, “Maria“ is Rosenthal's most extensive table service. There is a variety of diverse décor worlds.