"Italdizain" və "Lladró" Qarabağ atı heykəllərinin məhdud saylı seriyasını təqdim edir

"Italdizain" və "Lladró" Qarabağ atı heykəllərinin məhdud saylı seriyasını təqdim edir

Italdizain and Lladró present a limited series of sculptures celebrating the Karabakh horse

The renowned Spanish porcelain brand, Lladró, has released a stunning miniature sculpture of the Karabakh horse as a limited edition item. The fine, meticulously crafted sculpture, which pays homage to one of the most iconic symbols of Azerbaijan, was exclusively unveiled at a private event at the Shirvanshahs Palace in Baku.

Karabakh horses are an ancient breed of mountain riding horses that originated in Karabakh back in the XVII century, and earned Azerbaijan international fame in the field of horse breeding. The Karabakh horse is deservedly considered a national symbol of Azerbaijan, a living witness to its history and part of the cultural heritage of the state.

For centuries, these graceful animals have been a source of inspiration for painters, sculptors and poets in Azerbaijan. In folklore and literature, the beauty of the Karabakh horse has long been celebrated, comparing them to gazelles and antelopes. Today, the country that has been struggling to regain the Karabakh region for decades is reviving its long lost traditions and restoring this famous breed. The skilled craftsmen from the famous Spanish manufactory worked carefully and meticulously on the smallest details of the sculptural composition, under the guidance of Kuluzade Yashar Aliguseynoglu, a renowned expert on Karabakh horses who has devoted more than a quarter of a century to breeding some of the most beautiful horses in the world. According to the ancient Azerbaijani tradition, the back of a horse under the saddle is covered with a Karabakh carpet with traditional designs. The chul (Azerbaijani: "Çul") , which is used as a saddle cover, is an artistic composition consisting of three main elements.

The central medallion part of the carpet is decorated with an "S" shaped pattern known as "Cloud" (Azerbaijani: "Bulud"), which is often found on the "Malybeyli" carpets representing the traditional Karabakh carpet group.

In the lower left corner of the cover, there is an element in the shape of a cross that is crossed diagonally. This element is known as "Charkh" (Azerbaijani: "Çarx") , and is typical of the Salyan carpets from the Shirvan region. In the lower right corner, there is a pattern that resembles the image of an animal. This pattern is called "Bojak" (Azerbaijani: "Böcək"). The original ornament, with its classic color combinations, has been carefully recreated to make the Lladró sculpture authentic. The restoration of the ornament was made possible thanks to extensive cultural and ethnographic research, as well as a thorough study of rare archival materials. The knowledge and experience of the Azerkhalcha company played a key role in this process, ensuring the most accurate restoration of authentic ornaments. The golden saddle is adorned with an elegant hand-engraved design in the form of intricate floral ornament. To bring out the natural color of bay Karabakh horses, dark brown enamel with a coppery hue was chosen. The bit and stirrups are crafted from gilded brass, while the reins are made from genuine leather. The sculpture has been released in a limited edition of 750 pieces. Each piece is given a unique number from the circulation. After its world premiere in Baku, the Karabakh Horse Sculpture will be showcased in other regions where Lladró is present.

The Lladró brand is exclusively distributed in Azerbaijan by Italdizain.

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More information about the Lladro brand and its collections can be found on the website: https://italdizain.az/ru/brands/lladro.

Special thanks to ADEC for their precious assistance in the preparation of the project and meticulous attention to detail.