BrandLeo pizzo

Leonzio Pizzo met the jewelry world by chance when he arrived at Valenza. He started as an apprentice at Emanuelli & Buzio and since the beginning, he showed his competence, so Mr. Emanuelli taught him the secrets of this fascinating art. In 1971 he opened his first jewelry workshop. Made in Italy for Leo Pizzo means creating excellence: the quality of raw materials, the sophisticated design and the craftsmanship are internationally appreciated, as well as their deep study in the combination between volume and proportions. They believe in technological innovation but at the same time brand likes to protect the noble art of goldsmith. Leo Pizzo works with specialized stone selectors, and for 40 years they have been cooperating with the most famous precious stone dealers. Each jewelry is followed step by step by a master craftsman who creates not only with his hands but also with his heart. The company philosophy, inspired by excellence, has embodied for the past half century the values shared by the Pizzo family: social commitment has always been in the spirit of the brand.