Baccarat is one of the elite brands producing crystal worldwide.
The brand’s history started from 1764 in the Eastern France, when Ludwig XV initiated manufacturing of crystal glasses, mirrors, and other glass items.
For more than 200 years Baccarat has been establishing highest standards developing strong features of decorative art. Glass makers were passionate about creating something gorgeous and turned simple and habitual items like glasses, vases, carafes, or stemglasses into true works of high art.
In 1839 Baccarat introduced colored crystal pieces for the first time. Since that time their color schemes include soft aquamarine and pink tango, amethyst and amber, magical “onix” or black crystal. The technology is kept in secret.
Cut stem glasses were distinguished by a long stem with decorative patterns skillfully colored with enamel and gold.
Year after year the brand discovers new possibilities in this luxurious industry preserving its cultural legacy and traditions at the same time.