CollectionMove joaillerie

An iconic collection from the Messika Jewelry and High Jewelry Maison, adapted in a more radiant version designed with a couture spirit combining extraordinary diamonds and understated design, the Move Joaillerie diamond jewelry collection matches all styles and fulfils all desires. The three moving diamonds symbolising the love of yesterday, today and tomorrow are continuously reinvented by Valérie Messika, to fit in with the times. A must-have. Between strong design and highly desirable symbolism, the Move Joaillerie jewelry collection will seduce those looking for jewelry for a unique woman. Let yourself be dazzled by the Move Joaillerie collection and fall for the diamond jewelry from the Messika Jewelry and High Jewelry collections. To make the diamond free, this is the mantra of Valérie Messika. For Messika, a diamond should live alongside the person wearing it. Far from traditions, the diamond moves, lives, twists, has fun, it’s meant to be new, rock and ultra-desirable. Movement is at the heart of the design. Flawless ergonomics make Messika’s diamond jewelry for women ultra-easy to wear and show off both day and night. The diamond subtly enhances its wearer without ever being in the way. Freedom of movement, but also freedom of style and technique. Valérie Messika frees herself from classical jewelry, which she twists with her very couture touch. Her diamond earrings soar along the length of the ear, her diamond rings rise up on several fingers, and her cuff bracelets embellish the forearms. By creating the Messika Maison, the designer wanted to bring a breath of fresh air and freedom to the jewelry world. An evolution of lifestyles, techniques and trends, Messika diamond jewelry makes its mark in style on the jewelry world.